Services for Adults

Perhaps you find that you criticize yourself at every turn. Perhaps you seem to be doing ok, but internally you have the sense that you're putting up a front. Perhaps you want to develop close relationships, but also experience fear around intimacy. 

These are the kinds of issues that people seek psychotherapy to resolve, and which the approach I use is especially well-suited to treat. The kind of therapy I practice is called psychoanalytic psychotherapy, which aims at both symptom relief and lasting change. The basic premise of this approach is founded on the notion that problematic patterns that we get caught in as adults have their roots in our past relationships, especially our early primary relationships. These early relationships create templates in our minds (mostly unconscious) for how we then relate to ourselves and others later in life. Since the patterns originated in the context of a relationship, it often takes a relationship to change them. 

The benefit of this approach is that it is flexible and can be tailored to a person's specific needs. It works best when the process is collaborative, allowing for open channels of input and feedback. It's important to have a good fit between therapist and patient to allow for that kind of openness. For that reason, prior to beginning an ongoing treatment with you, we would first meet 2-3 times for an initial consultation period. If you get the sense that I can understand the problems you're dealing with, and I believe I can be of help, then we'll decide on an ongoing schedule. Sessions are 50 minutes in length, and I generally start out meeting with new patients once a week. Once the therapy is under way we may decide to meet more often, as doing so often leads to better outcomes.